How Much Does It Cost to Condition a Used Hybrid Battery?

“So, How much does conditioning cost?”

This is the most common question we hear from hybrid vehicle owners. Everyone wants to know how much it costs to condition a hybrid vehicle battery instead of replacing it.  If you, as a HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) owner are experiencing a deterioration of your vehicle’s performance, it may be time to ask the same question.  Read on for the answer…

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Cost to Replace, Rebuild, and Condition a Hybrid Battery

Below are the most common pricing scenarios that you’ll experience.   These prices can vary based on your vehicle make and model, and the condition of your battery.(Note**These are just ranges, so contacting the actual service provider is requisite to have a true price quote):

Conditioned Hybrid Battery
1. Hybrid Battery Testing and Conditioning:
Power and energy testing followed by conditioning process to return the battery’s performance to over 90% of original efficacy. Keeps the battery in the vehicle and out of the waste stream. If you’re ready now to save some money and save the planet, click here to find the nearest Hybrid Shop location.
Conditioned Hybrid Battery
2. Complete Hybrid Battery Replacement with New Battery:
It is possible to replace an under-performing or failing battery with a brand new one. The cost is dependent on the vehicle’s make and model, but it will always be higher than the conditioning service and would result in the original battery going into a landfill.
Complete Hybrid Battery Replacement with Used Batter
3. Complete Hybrid Battery Replacement with Used Battery:
$1,500 – $3,500
This is the process of taking a “used” battery out of another hybrid vehicle and swapping it out with your existing unit.  While the cost is less than acquiring a new battery, it can be incredibly risky. Without thorough testing and analysis, there is no way to determine the state of a used battery. Choose this option with caution and be certain to ask about warranties.
Rebuilt Hybrid Battery
4. Rebuilt Hybrid Battery:
A rebuilt hybrid battery contains a mix of original components with new or refurbished ones. Just like with a used battery, if you choose this option, it will cost less than a new battery, but the risks are still as great. Usually there is no way to determine the source of replacement parts, and only thorough testing can diagnose its overall state-of-health. Obtaining a warranty is critical when purchasing a rebuilt battery.
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What is the Best Option for Servicing YOUR HEV Battery?

If you’re still unsure what’s best for you and your vehicle, let us help. We’ll provide an honest recommendation based on your individual circumstances. Our goal is to make sure that your HEV is able to return to its original performance at the lowest price possible.

We trust our battery conditioning service to deliver the best performance at the best cost, but we know there are times when a battery is too damaged to benefit from it. If full battery replacement is what’s needed, we have the solution.

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