Hybrid Battery Conditioning: A Revolutionary Technology Changing the Hybrid Industry as We Know It.

For all the benefits of hybrid vehicles, they do have some potential drawbacks — specifically when it comes to the loss of their battery power, energy, & capacity over time. This is a natural and inherent characteristic of batteries found in HEV & EV vehicles. It’s not a matter of IF the battery’s performance will decrease, but WHEN.  Fortunately, The Hybrid Shop ® has the solution for this — battery conditioning. This revolutionary process, also referred to as reconditioning, restores up to 95% of a battery’s original performance, virtually eliminating many of the concerns hybrid owners have with battery deterioration.

Hybrid and electric vehicle owners experience two major benefits from battery conditioning:

1. Save Money!

Instead of paying to replace an under-performing battery, consumers can save thousands of dollars by conditioning it at the The Hybrid Shop ®. Traditional car dealerships and untrained technicians find it easy and profitable to replace batteries that show signs of decreased performance. Their average charge for a new replacement battery can be a whopping $4,500.

2. Save the World!

Many consumers buy hybrid vehicles because they want to have a positive impact on the environment. Yet, sadly, many of today’s old hybrid batteries simply get thrown out and enter our waste stream. Battery conditioning at The Hybrid Shop ®, however, keeps batteries in their cars where they belong. And the best news is that they can be effectively conditioned as many times as needed, giving hybrid batteries a lifespan that can outlast the cars themselves.

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